Online Blackjack Explained

Several casinos around the globe feature different variations of online blackjack on their game lobby. Blackjack which has been called many names in the past such as 21, is a table and card-based casino game played between two parties - the dealer (or house) and the players. In this our comprehensive casino game guide, we will explain how you can start playing the game and the basic rules you need to know. Visit to read reviews about several top online casinos that feature blackjack online.

The Primary Objective of Blackjack

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, online blackjack is a game between players and the dealer. The objective is to have card totals that are more than what the dealer has but not over 21. In any variation of blackjack, if the player or dealer goes over the 21 value, they lose the game round. At the start of a blackjack game, players will be required to place bets by using chips, In online blackjack, these chips are available on the game screen.

Once all bets have been placed the next thing is for the dealer to start distributing cards to the players. Two cards are initially issued out to the player while the dealer will also give himself 2 cards. In some blackjack variation, the dealer will first get a card, then after the player actions have been used, he'll take another card from the deck. Players can take a couple of actions in blackjack to determine how they intend to proceed with the game.

Online blackjack is designed to make it easy for almost anyone to play the game. In most cases, the developer of the game includes instructions concerning how to play it. There are some blackjack variations that allows players to place side bets. Another awesome thing about playing blackjack online is that casinos often offer players incredible bonuses which they can use to on blackjack games. Blackjack is a skill game, so you can also use different kinds of strategies such as card counting while playing to boost winning opportunity.

  • You must not exceed 21 otherwise the hand is burst and you lose the game
  • You can play blackjack in free mode to learn how it works.


The Player Actions Explained

Hit is a blackjack player action that serves the purpose of requesting one card from the dealer. It is advisable to use the option if you need more cards to get you close to 21. However, you need to very cautious not to exceed the 21 value when you use the hit option. Stand option in an online blackjack game is used by a casino player to indicate that he is not interested in collecting any more cards for that game round.

Another option you may find handy in online blackjack is the double down which you can use double your original bet during a game round. With this double down option, you will be able to maximize the amount you stand to win if you believe you have the better hand. Another option that you may find available in online blackjack is the split which is available in when your first two cards are a pair. With this option, you can split the pair and turn it into two hands.