What online slots are paying out the most in South Africa?

The best online slot games available for South African online gamblers today are the ones that strike the perfect balance between the highest payouts and the most entertaining bonus features. If there is also the opportunity to land an enormous progressive jackpot then it is a bonus consideration. This article will aim to provide guidance for South African online players to identify the highest paying slots and the casinos that offer them and how to approach research into the most important aspects. For information and access to online casinos in South Africa offering the slot games that payout the most, the best slot game features and with the most enticing casino bonuses, click here: { https://www.za-onlinecasino.biz }

How to review a potential casino

Any online casino website that caters for South African players needs to be evaluated up front in term of some important criteria. The payout percentage of the online slot games is not the be-all end-all factor to consider if the online casino is not offering a wide variety of online slot games which are provided by multiple slot game providers. The slot game selection should cover all themes and variants so that players can compare the payout percentages between multiple games. In addition the casino's slot games should allow the player to play them in a safe and secure environment and that the bonuses that are offered to play the slot games do not have unreasonable wagering requirements attached to them.

A very good starting point to start your investigation into an online casino and finding the highest-paying slots is to see whether the casino in question offers the opportunity for the bona fide players to play the slot games in free mode. Many of the most reputable casinos that cater for South Africa Rand payouts offer a free version of their slot game library without the player having to deposit an amount of money with them. In fact, if the casino also does not even require the players to register with the casino to play for free, then layers can be assured that the casino is transparent with its operations and will promote fair-play to its potential players.

  • No deposit free-play games
  • No registration required
  • Broad selection of games and game providers

Playing a casino's slot games for free affords the player many advantages in his investigation into a casino site to find the highest paying slot games. Most reputable slot game providers are transparent with the mechanics of their slot games and will supply the online casino with all the information about the slot game. The most important metric of a game is the return to player (RTP) percentage. This percentage gives the player an indication of how much of the money that a player wagers on a game is eventually returned to him. For example if a games RTP is listed as 96% then the player can expect 96c back for every R1.00 he wagers on that game.


Difference between theoretical and actual RTP

Typically the RTP percentage displayed with a slot game refers to the theoretical RTP of that game and is the expected returns to a player calculated over very many play session over a very long period of time. On the other hand, the actual RTP percentage will refer to the return to the player on a specific slot game while he is actually playing that game. In general, players should check out the workings of online slot games with RTP percentages listed at 96% and higher. Some players will also look at a slot game's volatility score which is a measure of risk. A slot game with a high volatility score can go for long period of low payouts followed by random big wins.

On the other hand a slot game with a low volatility rating will return smaller amounts to the player but more often. If you want to play for real at a South African online casinos, carefully weigh the RTP percentage up and combine it with the volatility rating. Once you have found your ideal balance, you can search through the casino's slot game library and find a game that will cater to your playing style. Also do some digging on online casino player forums to check the waters. Together with the security and licensing factors of the online casino, South African players are sure to find a secure, legit casino that offers a variety of the highest paying slot machines.